Rick Perry: “No to ObamaCare; Yes to Zombies!”

In what some are considering a controversial but potentially business savvy move, Rick Perry has announced that Texas will not be participating in Obamacare but will instead hire Detroit’s Marc Siwak to design and open a Zombie Theme Park in Texas.

Representatives from Texas DSHS (Department of State Health Services) stated that;

“From a fiscal standpoint opening a Zombie Theme Park is an excellent way of handling the sudden increase in the Zombie population we expect to see from not having Obamacare.”

Texas Department of Labor officials further added that;

“A chain of Zombie Theme Parks and a readily available supply of zombie workers? We’ve got a win-win scenario here.”

Governor Perry “Unruly worker? Remember the double tap rule!”

Governor Perry dismissed concerns about the viability of a Zombie workforce by stating;

“Without healthcare we expect a steady supply of workers to be provided as the Zombie Apocalypse takes place. Replacing zombies who fall apart due to decay should be relatively easy.”

To ensure a swift employee turnover process Governor Romney has proposed what is becoming known as;

“The Double Tap Bill”.

Voting on the legislation takes place early next week.


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