Sye Bruggengate; Seeking Conversion via Confusion (The Willful Destruction of the Search for Truth)

I’ve been arguing with user “ProofThatgodExists” (Sye Bruggencate) in the comments section of my video; “How 2 Debate Theist “Gotcha!” Arguments”
(comments section for video found here).

For those who don’t know Sye – he’s a Theist who has decided to go the rather unusual route of using Christian Presupposition to argue for God’s existence. Unusual because no respectable philosopher takes Christian Presupposition seriously (I address the fundamental flaws of Christian Presupposition in this video here).

Arguing with Sye has given me some clue as to why he thinks Christian Presupposition is the bee’s knees. He clearly has no understanding of even the most basic of the different types of fallacy in addressing faulty logic.

That or he does understand and is being deliberately dishonest to incite frustration, anger and the inevitable emotional response such an irritating exchange can bring.

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