Are you a Liar or just Misinformed? How to Tell the Difference.

This is as brief blog post connected to the following video; 

  I did on YouTube user IntegralMath and the use of fallacy where I hope to explain the difference between saying something is a; “lie” and calling someone; “a liar”.

Here’s an example of a lie being used by a liar;

Some of you may be aware of the troll wars that happen between people on the internet. An incident happened some time ago where two groups that would war with each other continuously did the inevitable; they went to far.

“Group A “ was made up of people surrounding and involved with a channel named; “FeldiatheGeek” and “group B” was made up of people surrounding and involved with a channel by the name of “AllianceofDemons” (note; This is all in the past and I make no claims as to what these people involved with these channels do now. Channels change hands & format frequently online. I advise that if you care? Look them up yourself).

A mutual friend of mine and Coughlan616’s had been rape shamed in comments by other users. After we objected to this behavior (our position was if you want to be douchebags fine but leave others out of it) it was agreed by all parties that the snips of the comments would not be used again.

However; weeks later as part of their ongoing troll-war attempts to embarrass each other individuals from one of these channels did make use of these comment snips with mention of my friend’s rape again.

One of these users was a; “MsPureFiction” (now AVoiceForMen writer NurdyDancing).

Myself, Coughlan616 and ediblenapalm (among others) did videos where we took them to task for their selfish and inconsiderate behavior, demanded they remove the video in question and apologize to the YouTube channel user whose rape was being used as a marketable commodity in these people’s troll wars.

AllianceofDemon member MsPureFiction’s (NurdyDancing)  response to our demands was to do a video playing the; “victim card” where she accused all of us of being racist and attacking her because (and I paraphrase although not much);

“She is a black female and we are a bunch of grumpy old white men”.

We laughed at the ridiculousness of her baseless claims and ignored her response.

Recently I was informed by Coughlan616 that she now claims that she did not make that video. The matter came up as she is using similar tactics to defend accusations against AFVM & those connected. Her response to those accusations was to claim they are the victims.

That is what is known as; “A liar using a lie.” Please note that this does not mean she always lies about everything but (barring her suffering a brain injury) it is a safe bet that she remembers an incident and video she made within the past year saying she is a liar and is using a lie to cover up her past immoral behavior. Thus calling her; “A liar who is using a lie” is a safe conclusion (as the lie is ongoing and her use of it will likely never end).

Now if the Family Research Council fakes up a study claiming gay people are more likely to be pedophiles than heterosexuals and someone reads it in a paper and repeats it?

That’s a lie but the people telling it aren’t liars. They are misinformed. You may argue that they should know better and are using extreme confirmation bias to seek out such lies to use but it still doesn’t make them liars.

And that’s the difference between a liar telling a lie and the misinformed repeating a lie.

Link to Coughlan616’s channel below so you can seek confirmation on the incident involving Nurdy Dancing a.k.a MsPureFiction.

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