Obama Hatches Plot to Waste Right Wing’s Time


In a bold move that has taken the Right Wing totally by surprise newly re-elected President Barack Hussein Obama has announced an extensive plan to waste even more of the Right Wing’s time.

The President officially stated that he’ll be working closely with Stansberry & Associates who will use right leaning news sources such as Townhall.com, Newsmax, Human Events, and Gingrich Marketplace to blast out messages such as;

“Obama is the secret love child of Elvis and Former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir”


“Obama is hatching a secret plot to secure himself a third term in the White House.”

Porter Stansbury is quoted as saying;  “Turn out for our;“Grammar, Spelling and Protest Signs” program was disappointingly low but I have a feeling this event will be successful.

Surveys of Right Leaning citizens showed attitudes ranging from wariness to hopeful.

One responder reportedly said;

“We’re cautious. We’ve been caught out in the past with news that not only made sense but led to productive activity. We won’t be tricked into believing that sort of thing again.”






Eric Hovind vs the God-Hating Atheists

This blog posts is providing some background information for people unfamiliar with Potholer54 and Eric Hovind related to the following video I did

in response to Eric’s response to Potholer54’s awarding Eric a “Crockoduck Award”.

Potholer54 is a scientific journalist who has a youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/potholer54) where he hands out a yearly award to people who misuse or pretend to use science to mislead the public. That or they say things that are just ignorant.

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