Eric Hovind vs the God-Hating Atheists

This blog posts is providing some background information for people unfamiliar with Potholer54 and Eric Hovind related to the following video I did

in response to Eric’s response to Potholer54’s awarding Eric a “Crockoduck Award”.

Potholer54 is a scientific journalist who has a youtube channel ( where he hands out a yearly award to people who misuse or pretend to use science to mislead the public. That or they say things that are just ignorant.

Potholer54 awarded Eric Hovind a Crockoduck of the year award for his videos on the age of the earth where Eric claims that the measurements of the moon’s distance from the earth over time that show the universe is not 7,000 years old is wrong.

Erik Hovind (a preacher) got wind of this and decided to respond (Eric is dedicated to spreading the religious belief system that is creationism).

I’d like to ask the viewer to watch Eric’s video with a dispassionate eye. Eric appears to be from that class of preacher who feels that being rude, insulting and condescending is the most effective way to get what he wants. If you’re watching his video and your feeling anger or hatred then Eric is succeeding at his task, which is to incite anger in you so that he can get a negative response.

I suspect he does this for two reasons. First;

Since he can’t back up his claims with evidence, logic and reason he’s resorting to getting an emotional response from his target so that they’re ability to use reason is diminished.

Second he’s convincing his followers that they are a hated and reviled minority which is a sure fired way to build on the fraternity effect and thus increase the emotional bond his followers have in their faith (creationism) and reduces the likelihood they’ll listen to facts and reason as they’ll just see it as an attack by a hate group.

You’ll note that he’s placed a number of sound effects throughout the video. I’m not really sure why he did this. I suspect he was trying to mock the non-creationists in the audience since potholer54 does something similar in some of his videos. It could be he’s just trying to be entertaining I’m not sure. The only thing I’m sure of is he made a total cock-up of the use of those sound effects and as a result they just come across as weird.

Links to both Eric’s channel and Potholer54’s are provided in the underbar of my video.


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