Have Some Cheese With Your Whine?

There’s been a few questions asking me about my comments exchange with some thunderf00t fans and what started it. Between YouTube’s confusing comments system and Thunderf00t’s fans obsessively thumbing down my comments (silencing tactic) people are confused as to how it started.

So I thought I’d do a brief post for posterity’s sake and those who care.

The entire thing was set off because some of Thunderf00t’s fans were offended that I suggested I would wear a t-shirt at a conference making fun of the woman who wore the anti-skepchick t-shirt (I was making a point about how to properly handle criticism).

That’s it. People who thought SurlyAmy was acting ridiculous about a woman wearing a t-shirt that mentioned her group were upset that I did not even wear a t-shirt at a conference. They were actually upset that I DISCUSSED wearing a t-shirt at a conference. So they started going after me in comments and thumbing down my comments to silence my speech.

Apparently what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander.

Sensitive lot, these Free Speech Warriors. 😀

(The above is copied from the Thunderf00t Fanboy Free Speech Warrior training manual)






Feminism Poisons Atheism? Conservativism Got There First

When I was at a Mosque at Ground Zero protest a few years ago the Republicans bused in some kids from the Bronx so they could stand around looking all young and innocent for emotional impact while they talked about how a Mosque at ground zero was frightening to children.

Outside of mentioning it in comments and on blogtv shows I didn’t focus too much on the matter. This was politics and these sorts of tactics are fairly common.

One speaker from; “Focus on the Family” used the children by giving subtle looks and gestures at key moments during his speech. He was clearly trying to imply that children in the neighborhood were frightened by this potential Mosque and these were them standing right here.

I found it peculiar they’d have to bus children from schools to a Park 3-5 blocks away (a 3-5 minute walk) so I sidled on over to the bus driver to ask him where they were from.

He responded that they had come from up in the Bronx somewhere (it may have been Westchester but my knowledge of north of Manhattan geography is a bit vague).

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Senate Bill Forces Kids to Be; “Gay For Life”?

Mat Barber and Matt Staver of Liberty Council made the highly questionable claim that California’s Senate Bill No. 1172 would force children who are victims of same-sex abuse to;

“Be gay for the rest of their life.”

Considering Barber seems to take the position that; “Being gay is a sexually transmitted disease” I’m not surprised that they would make such a ridiculous statement.

All reputable studies show that there is no known link between child sexual abuse and sexual orientation.

If the link existed as Matt Barber is claiming it does then the logical conclusion would be to immediately have a member of the opposite sex molest the child to offset the damage done (an unethical solution).

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