Why Can’t Thunderf00t Be More Like Indiana Jones?

In the spirit of the new topic Thunderf00t recently put forward in his video (specifically the underbar description) which I shall dub;

“Why can’t more women be like that hottie Ana Kasperian of The Young Turks”

Thunderf00t; “Hubba hubba!”

I’ve decided to have a bit of fun and turn the tables on Thunderf00t and ask him;

Why can’t Thunderf00t be more like Indiana Jones?

Indiana Jones > thunderf00t

Indiana Jones > thunderf00t

True, Ana Kasperian is a real woman but let’s face it. There’s a good chance there’s more to her than the image she puts forward on the internet so I don’t think it is unreasonable to use Indiana Jones as a comparative model to the esteemed Ana Kasperian.

And since we’ve decided to play the whole “Why can’t you be more like X” game which normally ends up with someone sleeping on the couch I thought to myself;

“Well now, I can have a good time with this!”

So I’ve come up with this list of complaints I have about thunderf00t.

Specifically those characteristics that in thunderf00t, despite our differences, I can deal with, accept and even in some instances like or appreciate those characteristics but which let’s face it, suffer in comparison to Indiana Jones.

So I give you my list of things I find admirable in Indiana Jones that I personally wish Thunderf00t could make more of an effort to emulate. If he did at least aspire to achieve some of the awesomeness of Indiana Jones, then I would find him a much more suitable representative of everything he claims to represent.

(please keep in mind that none of this is meant in any way other than a light-hearted poking at someone who I am sure will appreciate the humor and point made in this response).


Indiana Jones: Uses a bullwhip and a revolver as part of his archeologist’s tools.

Thunderf00t: Uses a camera and movie editing software to do videos.

Indiana Jones: Hunts for artifacts to donate to museum.

Thunderf00t: Asks for donations to his paypal.

Indiana Jones: Has single-handedly stopped the third Reich from obtaining the power of God.

Thunderf00t: copied a Koran onto a hard drive and burned it in his back yard.

40k korans

Indiana Jones: Adventured with his formidable father and finally earned his respect.

Thunderf00t: Got kicked off FreeThoughtBlogs by PZMyers due to irreconcilable differences.

Indiana Jones: Stopped the Cult of Mola Ram and rescued 100s of children from a death by sacrifice.

Thunderf00t: Had an extended debate with Ray Comfort which ended in a polite lunch date.

Indiana Jones: Is so devastatingly rugged and handsome that even some straight men find themselves wondering if; “they’d hit that”.

Hey there, handsome devil!

Thunderf00t: Did an excellent impersonation of “The Sun King” during an MSF BlogTV.



Indiana Jones: Decided the Arc of the Covenant was too powerful a weapon to let loose upon the world.

Thunderf00t: Led a charge of hundreds of thousands of people fiercely drawing naughty pictures of the Prophet Mohammad because a radical Muslim publication threatened South Park creators Matt Stone & Trey Parker causing the very powerful, very wealthy media giant Viacom to bizarrely take the threat from the two wannabees seriously and respond to their ridiculous demands (DMD was tons of fun and we all love South Park but shouldn’t it have been “Draw Viacom Day” since they’re the ones who slammed down on South Park’s free speech?).

I think that covers it for now. I’d appreciate it if Thunderf00t could get right on this list and start making some changes immediately so that he can mold himself to be exactly what I want him to be.

I mean, that’s not unreasonable, is it? Demanding that someone else be exactly what I want them to be without any consideration to what they want to be, or just simply are?

That they should react exactly as I think they should react and so what if their personality has developed in a way that doesn’t mingle perfectly with my own, let them be the one to change!

I’m sure everyone will see I’m right about this. And if you don’t?

Then change yourselves until you do!

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29 thoughts on “Why Can’t Thunderf00t Be More Like Indiana Jones?

  1. Yeah… but at least Thuderfart seems to realise that one should either shave frequently enough to keep the stubble at bay, or grow a beard.

  2. Nitpick: Jones didn’t decide to lock away the arc, the US government did.

    More importantly, it was Molly Norris who initiated the “Draw Mohammed Day” protest, not TF.

  3. Actually, it was Ed Brayton that kicked f00t of FtB. PZ was the one who got him onto FtB in the first place. But that’s just pedantic triviata.

  4. “Why aren’t wimmen HOTTER for ME??” whines the guy who won’t shave his sketchy half-beard, cut his douchey ponytail, or wear anything other than his Official Slackerwear(TM) Uniform of tee shirt and jeans.

    I detest Thunderf00t so much.

  5. You know if that cult had of accepted a lunch date I’m pretty sure they could have kept mining the stones while subsidizing the labor force via the local govt. using adult workers, yet did Dr. Jones even ask? O.O

  6. Well said!
    I stopped following tf00t long before the ftb debacle, but at this point even if he could come up to the standards of our beloved Indy i don’t think it would be enough to get me to listen to him again.

  7. Small detail: PZ didn’t kick thunderf00t out, it was a consensus arrived at by a management committee. PZ would have if he had the power, it’s just that’s not how they do things.

  8. Why can’t Thunderf00t be more like Indian Jones? I think every thinking person has asked him/herself that question…

    But, hey, Thunderf00t can’t help it if he’s pretty…Right?

  9. May I merely point out two small omissions?Indiana Jones thwarted the Nazi’s not just once but TWICE.Also, he only mended his strained relationship with HIS father, but also as a father to his own adult son. Indiana Jones is a god among mortals.If only he owned a cat…

  10. i know, just a bit of fun and you’ve kind of acknowledged the fiction/reality comparison fail. But I don’t think Thunder actually said why can’t everbody be like Ana, instead he pointed out how positive her attitude/approach was in his words “WIN” point of pedentry maybe . . . . . And i”m antisipating the ‘thunderdrone’ missive.

    • He did get that point across rather well. But he’s been rather condemning of certain people in general and has taken the “why can’t they be different?” attitude?

      Which is rather natural, everyone does it to some degree. I just wanted to have a bit of fun while providing a warning to those who might think along those lines.

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