Pet Ownership Discrimination

I’ve never cared for realtors.

When it comes to renting in my opinion (and experience) an industry where people collect thousands of dollars for doing something that a person can do themselves in  under a half an hour is a parasitic industry.

In all the many times I’ve  rented apartments over the years I have not once had a real estate agent call to confirm my references. In this internet age credit checks can be handled by any website service in a matter of moments which just leaves having someone at the property to meet prospective renters.

So how this industry has managed to bamboozle the public into thinking they have a necessary value that justifies what they charge is beyond me but I’m guessing it’s one of those “but it’s always been this way!” things.

I recognize that since real estate agents are here to stay you therefore need to make the best out of the relationship when you’re stuck dealing with them. For this reason I’ve never voiced complaint beyond the typical grumbling one does over drinks with friends.

Until now.

I answered an ad for an apartment in West New York, NJ that was run on craigslist for two apartments being rented by a JYSON PROPERTIES, LLC.

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The Importance of Using Reason When Defining Racism

Here’s a rather interesting example of a racist race-activist attempting to make use of a blogger’s definition of “racism” to further his own agenda. An agenda that consists of portraying the left (the left being anyone who doesn’t agree with his definition of race) as an unreasonable, white race hating group of tree huggers (which sets up for his non-stop non-sequiturs used in his pseudo-science based pro-race activism).

The only problem is that the blog in question starts out by declaring that the 1960s definition of racism (racism=prejudice + power) is “the standard definition used in sociology” despite evidence to the contrary.

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