It Must Suck to Be So Busted

Every now and again I get some bigot who thinks they’re clever.  In my experience bigots are never clever; they’re idiocy is boringly predictable.  One of the classic tricks these giants of mediocrity do is to post a comment on a video of mine and then immediately remove it.

removed comment by bigot

The idea is that the bigoted  idiot is gleefully chortling because he got to say something bigoted and hurtful but suffer no consequences because the comment will go to the gmail connected to the account where it can’t be flagged or reported like it can be in a YouTube comments section.  It’s classic internet bullying behavior.  There’s only two problems with someone using this tactic with me;

1:  Because you’re an anonymous internet moron nothing you could ever say would ever hurt me.  It will barely register as more than a blip on my consciousness and be dismissed as part of the sub-par stupidity that is the majority of the background noise of this world.

2:  You’re a dumbass for underestimating me because I can always find a way to not only expose bigoted douchebags but also turn the tables on them and profit by their dumbassery; all for the good of humanity.  I take great pleasure in kicking over the rocks bigots live under and then pinning them down before they can scurry away.  Then the whole world gets to point at them and mock them for the utter failures they are.

Today’s failure is user thomaserossi.  A youtube channel/ content creator and presumably an MRA (he seems to do this thing on videos that are critical of MRA activism) who was offended by the video I did on GirlWritesWhat and AVFM (read more into that on your own dime, not mine).

Thomaserossi  gleefully reveled in his hatred of gay people by posting the following comment in his attempt to attack me.

Comment by MRA on my GWW AVFM video

So ladies and gentleman; I give you thomaserossi.  A bigot who thinks accusing people of being gay is a huge insult!  I invite you to go say some kind words to him and thank him for being the anti-gay asshat he is.

Thomas,  since there’s nothing wrong with being gay I’d rather be a proud faggot than a pathetic bigoted loser like you any day of the week.

postscript edit;  My wife added; “I guess not only is he a bigot but he’s too stupid to have ever heard of vintage or retro.”

This had me LMAO. 😀

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