A Voice for… Bigots?

I get hate mail and stupid comments.

I’m not complaining, hate mail and stupid comments are the price you pay when you speak up on the internet and if you target racists, bigots and other pseudo-thinkers like I do?  You get a lot of hate mail and stupid comments, and they can be quite time consuming to deal with.

In the interest of cutting down on the amount of time I waste on pseudo-thinkers I offered a producer-gatekeeper position to the owner of the CalintzYT channel.

CalintzYT has been building a reputation for being a savvy debate moderator and troll wrangler.  The few times I saw him in action I was impressed by his abilities.  So offering him a position that consisted of point of contact for people interested in live discussion/ debates with me was a logical move to make.  He could weed out the faint of heart and time wasters.  Ideally he’d find quality guest material for ThisIsNotAShow episodes (the pilot episode was received well enough that I’ve looked into continuing it).

Personally, I believe in hiring people based on their abilities, not their gender, sexual orientation or race.  For me it’s a big part of being a libertarian and a humanist.

Which was why I was amazed at the words of a budding activist-writer from AVFM.  He expressed an interest in speaking to me so I directed him to speak to my producer-gatekeeper.

The AVFM activist-blogger responded with the following comment.

Not just an idiot but a bigot as well!

I’m aware of all the objections and complaints that this AVFM writer and his supporters might offer in response to my calling him a raging bigot.

Let’s address them proactively one at a time.

Objection 1: TheTruePooka says he has a PhD in not caring but look!  He’s obviously lying because he CARES ABOUT THIS ISSUE!

Response:  It seems that there’s a number of people who are too stupid (or dishonest) to catch the difference between not caring about a bunch of nameless, anonymous trolls insulting me personally and caring about a member (or members) of a group that have influence and power that they exert over others in the hopes they can change society.

If you’re an organization and/or member of an organization or an individual who has influence over how other people think?

Yes.  I do care very much about your actions and how they’re harming society.

Anyone that’s been watching my videos and has an IQ somewhere above “Potato” on the Stanford-Binet IQ scale can infer from those videos that I care greatly about those who say things that can impact on a significant portion of the populous in a society.  Sure, I’ve done a few toss-offs for fun but when I come back and hit a group or person over and over again?

It’s generally because they’ve got a connection to a message that’s impacting negatively on society.

But if you’re just some nobody who gets off on insulting me or lying about what I think, say or do and no one of any importance listens to you?

Why should I care?

Objection 2:  It’s not racism it’s just trolling!!!

Response:  Sorry, not buying it.

a:  First; based on my vast experience of dealing with trolls (especially bigoted trolls) I’ve found that trolls tend to sink to their default nastiness when they go on the attack.  So calling a black man a “nigger” right off the bat?

Chances are you’re a racist.

b:  When someone says; “I don’t care if you think this is racist”?

It means they know they’re about to say something racist but they’re okay with it.  And anyone who has had to deal with bigotry or racism knows that someone who says “I don’t care if you think this is racist” is a racist.  They’re momentarily reveling in their bigotry because they feel the circumstances dictate that they can safely get away with it.

c:  Okay, let’s say you’re not a racist.  You’re just one of those pathetic people who go around thinking you’re oh-so-clever by pretending to be racist so you can get a reaction because you’ve got no talent or imagination when it comes to getting attention and audience building.  In other words;

You’re a failure.

Let’s say for example, that you’re an occasional writer for AVFM and you’ve realized that your writing ability is so crappy, your understanding of evidence, logic and reason is so horrible that you’ve concluded that the only way you can get people to pay attention to you and listen to your message about how bigoted feminists are is to go around calling black people “nigger servants”.

There are three things that stand out as strikingly apparent in the wrongness of this strategy.

1:  It’s mind bogglingly stupid.

In fact I think we can safely say that it’s the stupidest idea to come about since the Jews said;

“I know, let’s vote for that Hitler fellow!  Sure, he’s a got some questionable ideas but I’m betting he’ll settle down once he takes charge!  Besides we can send him all those brown shirts and jack boots we’ve got sitting about as a present so he’ll think fondly of us!”

2:  Saying racist things when you’re accusing others of bigotry makes people not take you seriously.

For more detail read; “The Boy Who Cried Wolf !” (or in this case; “The Boy Who Cried “Nigger-Servant”!”).

3:  Saying racist things in the hopes you’ll draw attention to your cause will make people associate your cause with racism.

Yes.  You can bitch and moan about how; “It’s not my fault people aren’t smart enough to separate out the racist things I say from the other ideas I’m espousing!” but…


It actually is your fault.  You’re the one who created the connection in the first place and if you’re too stupid to see why that surface connection will leave a lasting impression on the average person then that’s on you, not them.

Objection 3:

Objection: I’m not racist I have black friends and co-workers!

Response:  I always find it amusing when people trot this excuse out.  It never works and no one ever buys it.  Not even the minorities who are being trotted out as the token friend/ co-worker (black friend/ co-worker in this case) are buying it.

Since the first all-white Country Club allowed their one black member in, no one has bought it.

You know how that one black member is saying the other members of the club who happen to all be white are not-one-bit-racist-they’re-models-of-egalitarianism?  Chances are that person is saying that because it’s expedient and he’s getting something out of it.

True, it is possible they’re an idiot but it’s more likely that because they’ve got a personal investment in seeing the side they’ve thrown their hat in with win that they’re going to put on their best friendly smile, nod sympathetically and put up with it when their racist white-brothers sob about how they’re misunderstood OH HOW WE SUFFER!

Or she, as they case may be.

I think it’s clear to all that someone who calls a black person who earned a position due to their talent and skills a; “nigger servant” is an asshat racist.

So you can go full-on Michael Steele all you want but you won’t be fooling anyone.

4: But wait! My black friend/ co-worker has done this blog post and/or video stating that what I’ve said isn’t racist and that I’m not a racist!

Response: I’m going to hold off on responding to this one preemptively because it’s going to be a lot more fun to respond to it after the fact.

Please note that none of this is an accusation of racism against the AVFM site.  I happen to be friendly with Dean Esmay, the managing editor of AVFM and while we don’t agree on some things we do agree on some other things; one of them being that racism is not acceptable and that it is not to be borne.

However one of the things we do disagree on is about some uses of negative marketing/ campaigning tactics to bring attention to your cause so, as to what his reaction will be; we shall see.

Unfortunately, giving a pass to below average wannabe internet rock stars, like this fellow here, has become the standard reaction of those on and now off the internet.

So if anyone wants to join in the celebration of this sort of mediocrity then by all means make excuses for him.

This is TheTruePooka coming to you from that great melting pot known as the United States of America and if you find these words upsetting;

Pet the Cat.

Link to bigot blogger on AVFM:


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(note: The above writing is a transcript of a video I’ve chosen not to upload due to technical issues).

12 thoughts on “A Voice for… Bigots?

  1. TheMadShangi is an odd one, I’ve seen him go from completely reasonable to a raging asshole across various places, I think he might simply like stirring up controversy for controversies sake.

  2. I haven’t had much interaction with him. I’ve seen him comment on videos. Mostly he goes on about wanting people raped and says bigoted things (grade D trolling at best).

    I’m aware that he’s a keyboard warrior based on observing him in a few calls he came into where he challenged someone in text and then wilted like a flower in the Death Valley noonday sun. He wouldn’t even speak. He was too scared. It was sad to “watch” and I felt rather sorry for him.

    But based on my years of social experimentation with trolls and racists I’ve noticed that trolls have a tendency to go to their subconscious default position when it comes to trolling.

    He likes to be a bigot far to frequently for it to just be a coincidence.

  3. We would appreciate a correction and/or clarification: The Mad Shangi is NOT a “writer for A Voice for Men.” He holds no staff position of any kind with us. We have published two articles of his, both back in April, which you can read here:



    He also appeared on a radio show with Paul because they were both invited to that show. And we’ve linked a video or two of his, which we had no great problem with the content of either.

    We were not aware at that time that he appears to be in the habit of throwing around the “N’ word. I have noticed the unfortunate tendency of younger people in their 20s these days to throw that word around a lot. We don’t approve but we’re also not the language police for anything outside our site. This may cause us to reconsider publishing future things by the Shangi, we will have to contemplate that. That is not the sort of language we would use on AVfM–at least, not in that manner, although we have allowed its use in articles where it was relevant, such as here:


    …that being an article where we think much true modern-day bigotry is very well-described.

    In any case, that one of the literally hundreds of authors we’ve published said something inappropriate is not our responsibility and we would appreciate your clarifying the insinuation that somehow he has some sort of official position with us. He does not, any more than anyone who’s ever published in any magazine is a “writer for” that magazine.

    • Thanks for the response Dean. I always offer corrections and clarifications where needed.

      However I did not say; “A writer for AVFM.”

      I said; “A writer from AVFM.”

      Which while it may seem similar is not the same thing.

      But if you’re concerned about people seeing Patrick as being a representative of your site then I have no problem with giving you a platform to express your clarifications and concerns over the issue.

      He was introduced to me as someone who blogged for AVFM. If you dislike him being represented as a writer for your site then I would suggest you take it up with him. I have presented him not only as he presented himself back in April-May but also the other writer you link in your reply had presented him in this light as well (this was in a group conversation at the time). I had not given it much thought until the racist comment by him was just recently brought to my attention. As he had material and a bio on your site along with that I saw no reason to seek further confirmation.

      But your request and offer of clarification has been noted by those who come to this comments section. They will see that you have stated in your official capacity that Patrick John Doran has no official connection to your site. His only connection is a couple of blog posts and a show.

      I’m also not clear on the tack of the rest of your response. While I applaud your attitude against the racism expressed by such as Patrick I’m not sure where you got the impression that I had inferred or suggested that you need be a “language police” for anything outside your site.

      I brought to your attention that a writer with material on your site was going about being a bigot, that’s it.

      I would strongly suggest that people never for example, dismiss everything Patrick says just because he is a racist. I do suggest that people pick and choose who they associate with carefully as the world is not always fair about these things and negative association is a dangerous thing to a reputation.

      Thank you again for your time.

  4. Pretty low ball, even for you Pooka. I have no use for Shangi, but the guy is trying to move away from being a troll and do something with himself. But you just saw an opportunity to promote yourself at the expense of someone else by shitting on their opportunity. Gee, seems to be a pattern with you, doesn’t it?. Here’s a protip, why don’t you do something original, post content that you actually researched and wrote instead of phoning it in trying to cash in on the low hanging fruit? Oh right, you’re a no talent hack.

  5. I’m a bit puzzled why AVfM is to be heaped with responsibility for what appear deliberately obnoxious (racist-sounding) comments made by a contributor, long after he’d submitted the second of his only two articles to the site. Describing him as “from avfm” is also a stretch, considering he’s been practicing his own brand of gonzo commentary on youtube through a multi year succession of banned channels. But obviously, Shangi is far too small a fish to bother with for you, so a bigger target, that being a site he’s written for twice; that makes a much more exciting story of bigotry and bad intentions.

    However, you do look very shiny and heroic indeed, coming to smite him for his pseudo racism. But, the mention by him “I don’t give a fuck if that offends you” indicates to me that he’s using a racial slut purely for it’s shock value, rather than indicating actual racism. Your conclusion of racism appears just a little bit obtuse. But of course, that’s just my impression, and possibly wrong.

    Also, just as an observation on style and plausibility in your own writing Pooka, you press a little too heavily on how virtuous and humanitarian you are. It reads as overdone posturing. Dialling that down will probably increase your believability. But hey, I could be wrong about that too.


    • “Heaped with responsibility”? 0.o

      You seem to view the world through a distorted lens.

      I’m beginning to understand why you are the way you are.


      Well I know how you stand on the issue now. Thanks for clarifying that.

      “…long after he’d submitted the second of his only two articles to the site.”

      Congrats Jon, you just hit the predicted trifecta response on this issue. While disappointed I’m not surprised.

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