Correcting Obvious Errors in a Peculiar Response

I had a rather peculiar response from a YouTube user called; “Cebeach”.   I was surprised that someone whose intellect I normally respect could make errors of such magnitude.

He did a response to my mention of a YouTube user who had (openly) called my producer at the time a; “nigger-servant”.  As this user’s material was on AVFM I felt it would be a good opportunity for AVFM staff & followers to comment on this blatant racism and help establish that they are anti-racist (the MRA in general has an image problem when it comes to the race issue).

Dean Esmay, managing editor for AVFM offered an excellent response to the issue and expressed a professional level of concern that was heartening.

But then there were some of the others, like Beach.


The biggest flaw (of the many) in your post is that Google does not own wordpress.

So saying;

“… to play off of that to get the controversy going for some of that sweet, sweet, Google lucre. ”

Beach fucks up

Is demonstrably wrong. Please, don’t take my word for it, check the records of ownership for WordPress yourself.  It’s owned by Automattic, inc.

So accusing me of attempting to get “Google Lucre” for a 7 second mention of my blog halfway into an 8 minute video  is just strange, even for you.

Especially since my blog isn’t set up for any sort of revenue sharing at all.

Considering that a brief look at analytics (which is easily accessible to all who want to bother to do the simplest of research with a click of the mouse) shows that viewership on videos I do in that style drop off 90% within the first 15 seconds of viewing, your accusation is not only in error but also bizarre.

Logically, if I had wanted to earn “Google lucre” from this issue I’d at the least have made mention of it in that first 15 seconds, at most done a video on it because I could then earn “google lucre” by doing that thing known as “revenue sharing on Google’s YouTube”.

This is some pretty weak sauce and a horrifyingly embarrassing response from you.

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My original blogpost on the issue:

My Original video with brief mention of above blogpost (it is more towards the end than the middle).

9 thoughts on “Correcting Obvious Errors in a Peculiar Response

  1. Is that your best? You are reminding me more and more of HappyCabbie with the deflection via taking a minor point (out of context) and misinterpreting it on purpose. I think anyone with any sense knew what I meant and it wasn’t a reference to your poorly written blog. That was just pathetic. “Tagged AVFM, CehBeach, racism” <—-real classy there too asshole

    • Considering your entire blogpost was a crude attempt at deflection in itself I felt it was best to ignore the bullshit and focus on the one clearly concrete fuck-up you made you couldn’t squirm out from under.

      It’s the same tactics one uses with Creationists.

  2. Wow. Even Cehbeach is calling you out. What an epic failure this has been. Here’s a pro-tip, chuckles. If you wanna drag up a four month old comment I made, come after me chickenshit. You had your chance on Skype but you ran away like a little pussy. Fuck you and grow some balls.

    • Quote from CehBeach on themadshangi;

      “I have no use for Shangi, but the guy is trying to move away from being a troll and do something with himself.”

      Thanks for confirming with your comment that you haven’t changed despite the claims of cehbeach on my previous post about you.

      1: So your argument is; “It was so long ago we should ignore the fact I’m a racist”.

      That’s just brilliant. I’m sure that strategy has worked for many people in the past, let’s call Paula Deen to confirm that.

      2: The comment was in the past three months. In accountancy they break the year into four quarters of three months each because anything less than 3 months is considered too short a time to note any significant change (as we note from your behavior).

      Try to develop a more adult perspective on the passage of time.

      • You took a screen-shot and sat on it for four months, only to whip it out and try to use it to smear a website that had nothing to do with a personal beef.. Everyone sees through your cheap ploy at attention-whoring. Quit being thick, Pooka. It’s not about me being “racist.” It’s about you being butt-hurt for what an idiot you looked like passing around flimsy “evidence” against NurdyDancing… a fucking YouTube comment six months later. Seriously, dude. Grow a pair. Nobody buys the moralfag act. Try to develop a more adult perspective on fucking anything. Adults don’t waste their time on the shit you do.

    • Patrick, I am deeply concerned and hurt by the offensive language you’ve employed. In the hopes of reaching out to you, I have contacted the Canadian race relations foundation. My hope is that we can initiate a dialogue between all of us that will help you learn to appreciate people of different cultures and races.

      After all, we are not so different beneath the skin.

  3. “You took a screen-shot and sat on it for four months,”

    I have you blocked on youtube. I was unaware of the comment until it was recently brought to my attention 3 months later.

    “only to whip it out and try to use it to smear a website that had nothing to do with a personal beef”

    I’m aware of your propensity for making shit up but you realize you tried to pull this one off in the comment section of a blog post where I say;

    “Dean Esmay, managing editor for AVFM offered an excellent response to the issue and expressed a professional level of concern that was heartening.”

    You just provided further evidence for the claim that racism is connected to stupidity.

    You’ll also note that all you and those connected to you have done is try to distract from what you’ve said and diminish the seriousness of it. You didn’t just “use the N word” as so many people have blithely asserted in an attempt to minimize your offense.

    You called an employee a “Nigger servant”. If this had been an adult, real world work setting and this sort of thing had happened in a conference call, you would have been fired and escorted out the door before everyone had hung up.

    I use this as an example because I’ve witnessed this actually happen.

    And I always reserve the right to defend those who work for me or with me and to do it in a time frame I see as fitting. If you don’t care for that you can go merrily fuck yourself.

    As I told you back then, feel free to contact CalintzYT if you wish to discuss these matters on skype and he’ll make the proper arrangements. I’m not sure why the prospect of a live call with me frightens you so much but it isn’t like I particularly need to waste time talking to yet another bigot so I’m ambivalent.

    But for me the matter is done.

  4. “I have you blocked on youtube. I was unaware of the comment until it was recently brought to my attention 3 months later.”

    BULLSHIT! The fucking screen-cap shows you when you took it. An it was taken a week after the comments were posted. BOTH our comments. So don’t you play dumb, you lying twat.

    And quit your servant-nigger your “producer.” That’s just fucking dumb. Being an errand boy on Skype isn’t a real job, you dumb-ass. Now go screen-cap this and go cry about it, you Jew faggot.

    • The one flaw in your hypothesis;

      You’re working on the assumption that I took the screen cap (which I did not) without any evidence to back up your claim.

      You’ve dug your own grave and shown yourself to be an unrepentant bigot, Patrick. Don’t be surprised when it hinders your desire to get ahead in the future.

      In other words;

      Own your own shit before it owns you.

      And NOW I’m officially done with you.

      You’re dismissed.

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