Dawkins & Racists: Not a match made in Heaven

Racists like FringeElements (aka DKShad0w), LibertarianRealist,  TheMadShangi, (etc) often assert that Judaism is a race.  In fact, thousands of commenters on my race videos assert that Judaism is a race.

Quite a few of them (especially the race activists) also enjoy quoting Richard Dawkins in their quest to provide support for their opinion on what race is (an opinion they masquerade as science).

So I thought I’d help them out with this quote from Richard Dawkins and settle this matter they seem to have trouble with once and for all.


Calm reflections after a storm in a teacup – by Richard Dawkins posted on August 09, 2013 02:10PM GMT

In the future when you’re trying to pursue your racism packaged as pseudo-science I’m guessing Richard Dawkins would appreciate it if you leave him out of it.


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5 thoughts on “Dawkins & Racists: Not a match made in Heaven

    • Things aside such as the Ashkenazi propensity for taking wives outside of their population thus creating numerous sub-groups which are not in fact “distinct”; a word you’re using for political purposes, not scientific ones, does this mean you and your group do not support earlier positions that indicate you believed “Jew” is a race, as you conflated the Ashkenazi as a majority population thus leaving your viewers to infer that all Jews bear certain stereotyped characteristics?

      • I don’t know which “earlier positions” that you ascribe to me you’re talking about. I don’t speak for any other Youtubers or share their views on all issues. I’ve never made Jews a major part of my scientific or political arguments.

    • I (and others) are aware that you do these types of videos and then private them/ unlist them when focus is brought on them. Hence why I did this video some time ago;

      You have done videos discussing the Ashkenazi Jews and have used hyperbole to suggest that they make up the majority of the world’s Jewish population thus leaving it to your viewers/ readers to come to the inferred conclusion that “Enough Jews are of this race so therefore you can assume any Jew you meet is as I describe”.

      I was never clear if you were being dishonest or just simply sloppy because by your own admission, you aren’t a biologist and therefore can’t be trusted in the discussion of these matters. Unless you’re also recanting your statements about evogenvideos here as well?

      But my interest is more in what you think now, not in what you thought then.

      If this is a recantation of your positions on the Ashkanazi Jews being a “distinct race” and your past suggestions that when you meet someone who is Jewish, assumptions as to their physical capabilities can be determined by conflating research from biology studies into your primitive visual observations?

      Then we have no problem here.

      *edited to clarify final paragraph

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