It’s Called Hard Work Boyo, Something You Aren’t Familiar With

I receive some really bad video responses.  Generally I can tell within 15 seconds if I’m about to have my time absolutely wasted.

I was just linked to yet another one of these bad videos by a race-activist who seemed to feel that by elaborately repeating in video the same things he said to me in blog comments while putting my picture up and the word; “FALSE” in big letters on the screen? That this will somehow validate his unsubstantiated, unproven position.

While I’m not interested in supporting the work of those who fight for bigotry by misrepresenting science (hence the lack of linkage) I can’t help but point out a laughably ironic comment in the comment section of the video of a person who tries to prove that there is a “distinct” Jewish race while insisting he’s not a bigot.


The commentor and those who agree with him are referring to a video I did here.

An additional irony is I just finished a blog post where I addressed another person who had called my producer; “my nigger servant”.

So we’re dealing with people who due to their own failures in life hate minority groups so much that no matter how successful a black person is he must be a “servant”.

No matter how hard someone works to succeed?  If these bigots don’t agree with you then it’s because you’re a Jew and are part of some “Jew conspiracy.”

This is an example of the sort of slactivist thinking I deal with on a daily basis.  Anyone who they hate couldn’t have succeeded because of their own hard work and effort.

They must have succeeded because they’re a Jew and Jews all look out for one another!!1!

It doesn’t matter that I’m not Jewish.  Like the Nazis of old they level the accusation of; “JUDEN!” against anyone they disagree with.

The even bigger irony is here’s a group of people who insist that you can genetically determine “distinct” races while en masse they’re also insisting that I must have Jewish genes because they “feel I do”(see comments section for another fine example of this). 

I lack not only the religious affiliation but also the gene linkage to any of the races in question  (so much for their vaunted powers of Genetic-Jew Spotting perception).

You’ll note that “distinct” is a favorite race-activist word to use  for similar reasons that they use the word “massive” when referring to immigration.

When you push them on it they’re never able to quantify the words “massive” or “distinct”.  Instead they dance about, refer to articles and journals and hope that you won’t miss that among all the smoke and mirrors they never actually quantified the word in a way that any reputable population expert or geneticist would use.

As of yet no race-activist has been able to provide a substantive response that justifies use of either word.

But what do you expect from a race-activist with such a limited understanding of statistics that he once did a video on Crime, Genetics and African Americans where he confused standard deviation with overall percentage?

My advice to these people is that they try that old fashioned thing called; “blood, sweat and hard work” and then maybe they’ll learn the value of the pride of accomplishment due to a job well done as opposed to getting a handout in the form of privilege-policy from the government which is what these types always end up hoping for.

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One thought on “It’s Called Hard Work Boyo, Something You Aren’t Familiar With

  1. Oh man, you sure showed that Racist neo-Nazi LibertarianRealist!
    I can’t believe such racists are allowed to spew their pseudo-scientific, Nazi ideology.

    Keep fighting the good fight against racist bigotry, Pooka!

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