Paint-Licker Award Goes to; “THE GAY LENS!!1!”

The non-stop bountiful harvest that is stupidity brought to all courtesy of the internet seems to be the exception to the rule that; “resources are limited”.

I commented on a Huffington Post article that covered Putin’s analysis of the Syria issue where Putin expressed the opinion that the chemical warfare attacks were the works of the rebels.


In essence I was pointing out that you have to question the reasoning and motives of a person who is so willing to compromise fact, reason and logic in pursuit of an agenda (in this case, Putin’s anti-gay agenda).

Especially a person who is doing it for political purposes.  At that point it’s “Evidence or GTFO!” as far as I’m concerned.

A few moments later I get the following comment.

I was amazed.

Well, not really.  Like I pointed out, stupidity on the internet is in endless supply.

Rather than apply any logic or reason to my comment this user went the brilliant route of talking about gay lenses.

Because in his world where the sky is a special color only he can see, bringing up the political policies (in this case, policies towards gays) of a world leader to give example of how that leader has shown in the past he’s willing to compromise logic, fact and reason to pursue a political agenda?

That just means you’re pursing A GAY AGENDA.

Deferring to others who have shown they don’t dismiss science and reason to cater to opinion means you see the world through a GAY LENS.  Demanding evidence from people who express opinions when that person’s opinions in the past have flown in the face of scientific evidence is viewing the world through DA GAY LENZ.

Congrats MiddleForkedRoad.  Troll or not, you just earned the Paint-Licker Award of the week.

Perhaps if we could harness that stupidity and convert it to medical care America’s health care issues could be resolved once and for all.

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