Spare the Rod or Spank the Child?

Facebook page Tough Cookie Parenting posted this gem;

My initial response was to cheerfully offer to go down to  a few of the local crack houses or drug sales street corners and allow some of the junkies to tell their experiences with getting disciplined as a child because I’ve noticed there seems to be a lack of on-line representation from that group on this subject (probably because of the whole; “I’ve got no money to buy a computer or internet because I’m spending it on drugs” thing).

But then I realized I could say something a bit more direct on the topic based on my own personal experience.

My brothers and I got this sort of treatment when we were kids.

The end result is it made us more wild than we already were as we saw the entire world from a context of ;

“how not to get caught so we don’t suffer horrible consequences” and because of our resentment over what we perceived as being wrongly treated we ramped up our delinquent behavior.  Looking back I now realize the humiliation of such punishment was a blow to our fragile, developing manliness so we increased our aggressive behavior to prove to others (and ourselves) that we were still a bunch of tough guys and not just a bunch of milquetoast mamma’s boys.

So while you could say we turned out okay (some may dispute that) we definitely got into our fair share of trouble and being physically punished and humiliated for it did nothing to set us right.

No. We saw it as a gross treatment/ humiliation/ injustice and thus reacted accordingly.

In fact, our parents decided that such physical punishment was a bad idea, ceased to do it and tried different tactics based on the then newly developed theories in child psychology (as well as some old fashioned techniques involving the effects of a hard day’s labor on the developing spirit).

I’m not saying those tactics necessarily worked.  We would often have a good laugh over them and what we felt was their stupidity.  They certainly led to a great deal of grousing.  However it is notable that our developing delinquent behavior ceased to swiftly grow.  We never stopped but we did plateau and managed to avoid ending up in a psych ward or a prison cell (or dead)  like some others who weren’t as lucky as us.

Keep in mind I’m not saying that those of us who ended up dead or locked up ended up that way because of childhood corporal punishment.  But did it play a part in the path they went down in life?


But in our case, beatings definitely did not have the rose-colored glasses effect that “tough cookie parenting” and its supporters claim it always has and I suspect our reaction is more the norm than the reactions these defenders of child-corporal punishment think are the norm.

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Inmendham will get you Exitreason

Apparently I’ve been blocked by user “Inmendham”.

He’s a local crank on youtube who has made a total hash out of philosophy in general but especially the philosophy known as “anti-natilism”.  I’m not sure why I’ve been blocked as I haven’t ever commented on his videos (or really watched them for that matter) in the years I’ve been aware of him.  I assume it is a preemptive blocking because he fears me (or more specifically; my mind).

So I’ll be responding here. I won’t bother responding to the video because like most Inmendham videos they’re made up of multiple fallacies, shoddy thinking, and just all around scatterbrained logic packaged in a minimum 20 minute repetitive ramble.

Just about everything he says is laughably easy to address and counter in a quarter the time he takes to say it.

This is a man who epitomizes the “know nothingness” that is celebrated in this country.   A man who insisted that you can live as a vegetarian and keep to a healthy, tasty, nutritious diet on the 100 dollars a month from NYC foodstamp programs while he whinges on (incorrectly) that cigarette taxes have gone up “1,000 percent” which he feels is a great injustice as it impacts on his ability to buy more cancer sticks and smoke ’em up.

I’ll add that if he had taken a moment to STFU from braying his opinion out like a donkey with hemorrhoids while he was insisting that his excellent, cost savings vegetarian diet of solely a bag of rice a month  was a perfect solution, he might have heard the crucial fact that the people in question lacked a stove to cook the rice required for the new improved Inmendham-Scurvy-Vegetarian diet.

In other words;  he’s your typical self centered, know nothing blowhard who is long on words but short on what it takes to back them up.

So here’s the one thing I found worth commenting and responding to on Gary’s pointless video: a comment by user rationalaxis.

He’s welcome to come here and discuss it or he can continue to hang out with others in what is the echo chamber that passes for Gary’s mind.


Comment is on this video.

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