Tough Cookie Parenting Fail

Tough Cookie Parenting Fail

No adult ever said this? Perhaps. But let’s explore what some of them are saying!


One thought on “Tough Cookie Parenting Fail

  1. Spanking is one of those “tools” which I experienced as a child and inflicted upon my children for quite a few years until I realized it only created fear and better liars than self-regulated good behavior. When my adult children who DO spank opine to me that it’s effective, I ask them that do they think it’s bullying or parenting? If their child were an adult (a friend or stranger), and something they said or did upset you, would you spank them? Would you strike them to get better behavior from them? It’s done to children because they are little. The defense that “Spanking is with an open hand. Beating is with a fist” doesn’t fly, either. I ask “So, it’s okay if I slap you?”
    I think parenting is a long haul and way more responsibility than most people realize. It’s easy to spank. It’s tough to actually pay attention to your children and teach them (repeatedly…by modeling) good behavior and constructive habits. It takes guts to set aside your interests for the formative years of toddlerhood and grade school. It is easy to hand out advice and give orders, but another thing to ask questions and listen to your child.
    I have lots of patience for children. I have little to none for authoritative bully adults who are sorting out their own childhood scars by inflicting them on their own flesh and blood.
    This was an interesting blog post, True Pooka. I think this “parenting group” deserves the ridicule.

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