MRM & Pat Robertson: Not So Strange Bedfellows?

I had a self professed Men’s Rights Activist tell me flat out that this quote from Pat Robertson Is spot on (with the exception of the witchcraft part).
MRA agrees with pat robertson

I’d like to say I was amazed to find an MRM member (a movement that has always been solidly connected to the Left) in agreement with the words of one of the most prominent members of the Radical Christian Right in America but I’ve seen this sort of confluence happen often enough that I now just accept it for what it is;  further evidence that a faction of the MRM is now shifting rapidly right.

For now, I’ll just provide a quick debunk of this MRA/ Radical Christian Right bit of dialogue and leave it at that.

1: “It is about a socialist, anti-family movement”

While socialism and feminism often merge feminism is not, in fact socialism.  Mr. Robertson and his MRA supporter are conflating “feminism” into “socialism”.  That’s like saying; “all atheists are God-haters.”  They’re wandering into no true Scotsman territory.

1a: “Anti-family movement:”

That depends on how you define a family. In this case you’d be agreeing with the Conservative Christian definition of what a family is. We’re again wandering into no true Sctosman territory here because that’s the only way you can hold up the claim that feminism is anti-family; by restricting the definition of family to only your definition.

2: “Encourages women to leave their husbands”. 

That’s a strawman. In my experience feminists (for the most part) encourage women to leave abusive relationships. While I’m sure there are feminists out there that encourage women to leave their husbands based on a MGTOW type philosophy, the predominate encouragement for leaving husbands is based on being at the receiving end of spousal abuse.

3:  “Kill there children”.

This means you’re either like one of those foolish atheists who spin all faith-based murders into evidence that all religion teaches you to kill your children or you’re an anti-abortionist who is equivocating the word “children”.

If not, please show me the statistics that back up your claim that feminists are killing their toddlers and teenagers in alarming numbers.

4: “Destroy capitalism” 

I’m guessing this has to do with women entering the workforce.


Doubling your available workforce does not kill capitalism as Conservative Christians and MRAs like to claim.  It’s how you treat that workforce that kills Capitalism.

5: “Become lesbians” 

See point 2.

I’ve been stating that the on-line MRM is taking a great deal of their talking points and debate strategy from the GOP for some time now. This sort of thing popping up just continues to prove how right I was.

Pro-liberal tip; when you find yourself agreeing with Pat Robertson, let alone anyone from the 700 Club? Do a serious reevaluation of what you believe.


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Shutdown 2013: The Mini Clean Resolution Gambit

The following is a transcript of this video.

Bankrupting America posted 5 questions for their Sunday show related to the present debacle that is the GOP shutdown of the government.  I was startled to read their first topic point for discussion as it appeared they were having trouble understanding why the President has refused to allow the GOP to pass what they are calling; “mini CRs” in the continuing saga that is Shutdown 2013.

The following can be found here;

Bankrupting America; “What Has Congress Spent The Hours Since The Shutdown Doing? Many Republicans have held fast to their belief that their party should use the continuing resolution to defund or delay the Affordable Care Act. Democrats, of course, have refused that course and will continue to do so. Yesterday, House Republicans tried to pass “mini” CRs to keep certain agencies (national parks and museums, veterans’ programs and the District of Columbia government) functioning. President Obama said he would veto these plans. White House spokeswoman Amy Brundage argued, “These piecemeal efforts are not serious and they are no way to run a government.” (Other Democrats also said they didn’t want to fund the government in “bits and pieces.”) We’re wondering what is the difference between these mini-CRs and, you know, those 12 individual appropriations bills Congress was supposed to pass before Oct. 1? Has the president conceded passing separate bills is no longer an acceptable course? Or a wise one? We’re, admittedly, confused. “

To sum up their question, they’re confused about why the GOP controlled House putting forward mini clean resolutions is unacceptable, as opposed to a full  CR.

The mini CRs  offer piecemeal funding of government programs as opposed to full funding of the government. It’s only confusing if you don’t understand the difference between shutting down the government so you can then put through only the legislation your party wants to get through and the normal legislative process that consists of working together to come up with law that is a compromise between the parties involved.

In other words; despite the Tea Party wishes, this is not a one party system.  They don’t get to do; “It’s my way or the highway” in a system that’s based on legislation being developed by the passage of votes.  Their actions are the actions of a terrorist threatening;  Do as I say or else!   We did not do as they say so they carried out their political act of terrorism and now they expect us to act as if it’s SSDD.

If it helps you to understand further consider the principle in law that;

“Promises made under duress are not binding.”

It is understood that the duress in question poisons the promises which leads to people making decisions without sound judgment.  For the Democrats to accede to the wishes of the GOP would be to agree to legislation made under duress.  Such legislation cannot be trusted as good legislation due to the corrupting influence of said duress.  If the President allows the GOP to get their way, then all any party has to do is shutdown the government, disrupt the entire country (and possibly the world) and then refuse to negotiate until they get their way.  Within a matter of weeks any party could effectively turn this into a one voice only government; a dictatorship where the presiding ruler is the Speaker of the House.

Our founding fathers wisely set up our government so it functions through a series of checks and balances.  The Tea Party faction of the GOP is presently trying to circumvent that system.  If we allow them to do that then the dream our founding fathers envisioned for this country truly dies on that day and America just becomes another fascist country ruled by a Mickey Mouse dictator.



Meet “Sally”.

She’s a 28 year old Assistant working at a company that makes a product that sells worldwide.

She’s excellent at her job, makes a decent wage and pays taxes into the system.  She does work that makes her business more productive and thus helps stimulate the economy.

This is who the opponents of the PPACA (Obamacare) want to deny healthcare to.

They do this because they;

“Don’t want to have to pay for someone else’s healthcare.”

By denying her (and millions like her) healthcare you jeopardize her ability to work, thus costing her a job, costing the country the taxes we would collect from her wages, and costing this country revenue generated from a strong economy when her company’s productivity falls due to dealing with losing productive employees.

Therefore, you are potentially costing yourself more money in the long run because you don’t want a few dollars of your taxes to go to paying for her healthcare.

Do the selfish thing.

Give Sally healthcare so you’ll have more money.


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