Meet “Sally”.

She’s a 28 year old Assistant working at a company that makes a product that sells worldwide.

She’s excellent at her job, makes a decent wage and pays taxes into the system.  She does work that makes her business more productive and thus helps stimulate the economy.

This is who the opponents of the PPACA (Obamacare) want to deny healthcare to.

They do this because they;

“Don’t want to have to pay for someone else’s healthcare.”

By denying her (and millions like her) healthcare you jeopardize her ability to work, thus costing her a job, costing the country the taxes we would collect from her wages, and costing this country revenue generated from a strong economy when her company’s productivity falls due to dealing with losing productive employees.

Therefore, you are potentially costing yourself more money in the long run because you don’t want a few dollars of your taxes to go to paying for her healthcare.

Do the selfish thing.

Give Sally healthcare so you’ll have more money.


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  1. Myself and my family have been without health care insurance for almost 3 years in this economy. We JUST got ours back via my husband’s union since he has been working since July. I was very excited, but I also was looking forward to Obama’s plan should my husband not have been working enough. A healthy populace is a productive one.

  2. I dunno . . . MY bible has a passage in it about the Good Samaritan. MY bible reads “Love your neighbor as yourself.” MINE advises us “As you treat the least of these, my brothers, you have treated me.” So denying health care coverage to has become the mantra of the right-wing GOP, including Evangelists! What kind of family values is that?

    • The fee/ fine is starting out at 1% of total income or $95 for adults, $47.50 or children with a maximum of $285 dollars. That however will increase each year until a maximum amount is reached (I’m not clear on what that will be).

      There are exemptions to this as well.

      Frankly this is a case of;

      Yes. Yo do have a right to be stupid in this country but we will place a limit to how stupid you can be when it begins to impact on our wallets and pocketbooks.

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