The ADHDCritic: Walker House – Lenox, MA

I’m going to do this review by addressing the complaints of other reviewers because I don’t know much about writing reviews and to me it just seems easier to do it that way (when I try to think of stuff to say I just draw a blank, the other reviews are just convenient jumping off points).

My wife says I do stuff this way because I have focusing issues.

I think she said it has something to do with ADHD but I don’t really pay attention when she complains about it so you’ll have to ask her.  I do know she said; “something something something are you paying attention to me something something” but that’s all I remember about that.

We picked Walker House for our Lenox, Mass. Stay for two reasons:

A: We had stayed there once 20 years ago so were vaguely familiar with the name.

B: It’s got the lowest room rates in the area (minimum 25% less).

On to the complaints, my evaluation of them and my proposed solutions.
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