It’s Not Me, It’s You

Every now and again I get a post in my comments section on one of the videos I’ve done addressing women and history that I feel is worthy of singling out for attention.

The following comment is a mixed use of fallacies, complaints about my treatment of  MRAs and their supporters, and a vague reference to a highly interesting article by Marine Corps Capt. Katie Petronio who weighed in on the issue of women in combat infantry roles.

Fallacies are a dime a dozen in comment sections so I wouldn’t normally bother to comment and the only validity I see in complaining about my correcting those frequent uses of fallacy is if you’re suggesting I’m wasting my time trying to teach numpties (a potentially valid point). But it’s my time to spend and for me? Finding the occasional pearl among the garbage oysters is a rewarding experience.

 I’m primarily focusing on the last two sentences of the comment as the first section isn’t really worthy of addressing since it’s primarily a clairvoyant fantasy void of fact and long on personal opinion. 


Before I begin I’ll point out that referring to me as “Ms. Philip”?

Using gender as an insult is a classic example of misogyny/misandry which is gender-oriented bigotry.

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