“Bash a Bitch” Queens U. attack & Hypocrisy with a capital “H”

In the wake of an attack on Student Danielle D’Entremont on the Queens University college campus (link to story here), a number of bloggers from the Men’s Rights Movement” (no I won’t call you “Men’s Human Rights Movement”, that’s insulting to humanists like myself) have responded in true Bill O’Reilly/ Rush Limbaugh fashion. Writers from MRA website “A Voice for Men” immediately denounced the violent attack which was possibly a result of the angry, violent, hateful rhetoric against feminists and women that issues from their blogs on a regular basis, while simultaneously using insulting commentary and innuendo to suggest that she wanted the attack for its publicity value so much that she possibly did it herself.

I’m going to ignore all the writer’s snide, victim blaming bullshit, his attempts at avoiding applying Occam’s razor to the incident and go to the paragraph I found interesting.

MRA idiot

I’d like Mr. Hembling to explain to me why in an era where on-line communication is key and people upload all the momentary passing occurrences of their life on-line  (from the sandwich they had for lunch to their baby’s first steps); what exactly he finds so amazing about the fact that Ms. D’Entremont uploaded a picture of herself after her attack?

Keep in mind I’m saying this as someone who is from an earlier generation that finds the obsessiveness of sharing your entire life on-line to be bizarre and over the top. I’ve tried posting the everyday details of my life on-line and I just couldn’t get with it (call me “Grandpa Pook”).

But Mr. Hembling, you of all people complaining about this when you yourself immediately posted videos after being harassed and having posters you were posting torn down? You not only posted videos and spoke to journalists and bloggers immediately afterwards about the attack, you ACTUALLY TOOK OUT A CAMERA AND FILMED THE INCIDENT WHILE IT WAS HAPPENING.


I’m sorry Mr. Hembling, but in your race to cast hate and aspersions on a feminist, you have inadvertently inserted your hypocritical foot into your feminist-hating mouth.

All I can say to this now is;

Seriously Jon?



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Planned Parenthood CHEATS DONORS?!

Secularprolife.com put up a blog post on their site that’s been very popular with the rest of the pro-life community. The title reads as follows; “Planned Parenthood Deceives Breast Health Donors”.

They’re referring to the big hullabaloo that was raised when the Komen cancer organization announced it was going to stop providing funding to planned parenthood (those unfamiliar with that incident can follow this link).

The summation of the blog piece attacking planned parenthood is that a drop in the number of breast cancer exams in 2012 means that planned parenthood lied to donors and the reader is supposed to infer that all that money was instead spent on abortions.
Pro-lifers, despite all evidence to the contrary, would like you to believe that almost all the money Planned Parenthood raises goes to abortions (the percentage that goes to abortions is actually quite low). Take a moment to read through the crucial paragraph I’m discussing here: Continue reading


Jay Smith, president of Horizons, INC announced today that his company would be applying for a religious exemption from participation in the ACA (known more commonly as “Obamacare”).

“Our company is deeply connected to Christian Science religious beliefs” Jay said; “So why should we be required to pay for a service that is fundamentally against our beliefs?”

Horizons, INC released a statement signaling their intent to seek a full exemption from Obamacare once the Supreme Court has reached its decision in Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood v. Sebelius.


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Secularpro-life: Holocaust Baiting

(the following blog post is a transcript of this video:)

A few years ago Secularprolife started something they call the; “Six Million Project”, a projected dedicated to getting people to step forward and declare themselves secular (by which I assume they mean agnostics or atheists) and pro-life. Here’s their opening statement.

six million jpg

Sure, let’s do that math. Continue reading

Secular Pro-Life: A New Religion

(This blog post is a transcript of this video:)

I was asked by a prominent member of the secular community to take a look at a group that has dubbed itself “Secular Pro-life”, a group that is tabling at the 2014 Salt Lake City Atheist Convention and makes the claim that all of their arguments against abortion are secular and non-religious in nature.

This is a topic that I’ve always found rather fascinating. I was raised in a strict Judaic upbringing so I’ve always considered the pro-life position on abortion law to represent a two-fold threat; a threat to not just the rights of women but to the right of my religious group of upbringing to practice their religious beliefs when it comes to abortion.
I was also once one of those young men who were placed in the unfortunate position of having to fight his way past protesters to help take a loved one to have a needed abortion, an abortion that she would die without. So I’ve always had a multi-faceted interest in the abortion issue and over the years have done a certain amount of study on the topic. I was genuinely curious because while I’ve heard quite a few arguments against abortion that claim to be secular in nature, as of yet none of those arguments that have been presented to me have been logically consistent. In fact the presentations of the majority of alleged secular arguments against abortion are distinctly religious in nature. Continue reading

Rev. Rose on Dr. Paul’s “Bossy Standard”

In an effort to put a halt to the AVFM war on logic & reason (a war that generously targets not just women but men) Rev. Philip has decided to offer sage analysis on some writing by the good Dr. Paul!

Dr. Paul has written a response to the recent resurgence of protest to the use of the word “bossy” as a slur against women in power.

bossy bitch

Without further ado I give you choice words by Dr. Paul on the word; “Bossy”.


Let’s examine what Dr. Paul has done here. Continue reading