Secularpro-life: Holocaust Baiting

(the following blog post is a transcript of this video:)

A few years ago Secularprolife started something they call the; “Six Million Project”, a projected dedicated to getting people to step forward and declare themselves secular (by which I assume they mean agnostics or atheists) and pro-life. Here’s their opening statement.

six million jpg

Sure, let’s do that math.

The United States adult population in 2012 was 240,185,952. 19.6% of that (the 2012 percentage of “nones”) is 47,076,446, (which by the way would be approximately 47 million, not 46 million) and 19 percent of that (19% is the 2012 Gallup poll percentage of pro-life “nones”)  leaves you with a total of 8,944,524 pro-life “nones” in the United States in 2012.

Since we lack polling data for the percentage of “nones” in 2013 we’ll go with 2012’s 19.6 percent statistic.

So 19.6% of 242,148,990 (that’s the adult population in the United States in 2013) is 47,461,202 adult “nones” and 15% of that (remember, we’re using the 2013 Gallup poll data for this one) comes out to 7,119,180 which is reasonably close to your final figures of 6.9 and 8.7 million but this is where you go south in your figures and I don’t.

You say; “Out of an abundance of caution we’ll call it 6 million” when at most I’d consider taking the mean and calling it 8,031,852 but frankly I wouldn’t bother because there’s simply no reason to do it, neither of those actions would be statistically relevant. The only reason I can see for you to do what you did is because you have some sort of ulterior motive.

This is why I really hate it when sophists use statistics, they really bring home that often made claim that statistics are meaningless, they can be used to say whatever you want which might frequently be true but in this case it really isn’t because NO.

Contrary to what Kevin Malone from the office might have told you, you can’t just get the results you want by using a “Klevin”. For those unfamiliar with the show, “The Office”, Kevin Malone is a well-meaning accountant who compensated for his incredibly poor math skills by creating; “the Klevin”. A numerical symbol that can be whatever the number is that he needs to apply to the errors that he makes in order to reconcile the books.

You see, yes. I can do math too. The difference is that when I do it, I do my best to give an honest representation and to have some consistency in my practices. I guess I take math more seriously than you do because when I screw around with my math, I face the possibility of going to jail for defrauding businesses and the IRS. When you screw around with your math, you face the possibility of women and doctors going to jail for getting and giving abortions. One of us would suffer the consequences of their irresponsible actions in this scenario and the other gets off scot-free while others suffer no matter what comes of it, guess which is which?

Now let’s go back to your earlier claim of; “Out of an abundance of caution, Secular Pro-Life calls it 6 million.”

What you call; “an abundance of caution”, I call “holocaust baiting”. Because let’s face it, that’s why you wanted that magic number of six million. Secularprolife won’t be the first ones to jump on the Holocaust bandwagon and they most likely will not be the last. Technically, the Pro-life movement’s obsession with referencing the holocaust is twofold.

First, it’s a trigger topic, designed to evoke an extreme emotional response by trying to steal from one of the greatest tragedies of all time and co-opt it as their own. The comparison angers and offends which turns any discussion with a Fetal Worshipper into an emotionally charged confrontation which conveniently to the pro-lifer, moves the discussion out of the realm of reason, fact and logic into the realm of emotion where they’re most comfortable.

As someone who had one entire side of his family wiped out in the holocaust I find the pro-life use of the holocaust to be tremendously insulting. With the recent death of my father, his blood line is now extinct.

So seeing this sort of casual, hurtful use of what is considered one of history’s greatest tragedies by the pro-life groups isn’t something I take kindly to and I know for a fact there are many others out there who have suffered similar losses who feel as I do.

Secondly, early Christianity was rather desperate to avoid the label of being just yet another mysticism cult. Nero was a fairly Conservative Emperor who had placed a ban on such cults. If he ran for office today it would be on the GOP platform or possibly as a Conservative Democrat. Early Christians were rather intent on establishing that Christianity was a branch of the Judaic belief system and not the ancient Roman equivalent of just a bunch of new age incense and crystal worshiping hippies. By doing so they established the weight that comes from a religion and culture that had existed for thousands of years. Plus it would entitle them to exemption from certain taxes. (Jews got certain tax exemptions from the Romans).

This attitude stuck with the Catholic Church throughout the millennia. It is why they adopted the Jewish bible, the Tanakh as part of their holy text, a book you know as the Old Testament that is almost exactly the same as the Tanakh. It is why they’ve always been somewhat obsessive about Jews in general, bouncing back and forth between loving and hating them. So it is not entirely surprising that a movement that has its origins in Catholic influenced Christianity would seek to give themselves the historical weight that comes from connecting their belief system to what is considered a very Jewish historical event.

Six Million.

That’s their magic number. Not because of an abundance of caution, but because of a desire to raise the specter of the Holocaust. They are using the Holocaust to evoke a strong, emotional response on the matter of abortion.

There are other groups out there that like to holocaust bait as part of their agenda. You folks at secularprolife, have managed to catapult yourselves into some rather odious company with this one. I really hope for your sake this is just your Christian roots showing rather than yet another scummy example of amoral tactics because of the two, the former strikes me as far more forgivable.

Religious beliefs will often skew perspective to such a degree that you are incapable of using reason and recognizing fact. These people have such a strong faith about fetuses that they tossed together this haphazard mess of figures and in the end run they said; “to hell with it” and just subtracted the whole thing by “Klevin” to get what they wanted.

But if you still aren’t convinced they’re borrowing from the holocaust then perhaps this will convince you (open these two links up in windows and play them side by side).!six-million/chg2


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