“Bash a Bitch” Queens U. attack & Hypocrisy with a capital “H”

In the wake of an attack on Student Danielle D’Entremont on the Queens University college campus (link to story here), a number of bloggers from the Men’s Rights Movement” (no I won’t call you “Men’s Human Rights Movement”, that’s insulting to humanists like myself) have responded in true Bill O’Reilly/ Rush Limbaugh fashion. Writers from MRA website “A Voice for Men” immediately denounced the violent attack which was possibly a result of the angry, violent, hateful rhetoric against feminists and women that issues from their blogs on a regular basis, while simultaneously using insulting commentary and innuendo to suggest that she wanted the attack for its publicity value so much that she possibly did it herself.

I’m going to ignore all the writer’s snide, victim blaming bullshit, his attempts at avoiding applying Occam’s razor to the incident and go to the paragraph I found interesting.

MRA idiot

I’d like Mr. Hembling to explain to me why in an era where on-line communication is key and people upload all the momentary passing occurrences of their life on-line  (from the sandwich they had for lunch to their baby’s first steps); what exactly he finds so amazing about the fact that Ms. D’Entremont uploaded a picture of herself after her attack?

Keep in mind I’m saying this as someone who is from an earlier generation that finds the obsessiveness of sharing your entire life on-line to be bizarre and over the top. I’ve tried posting the everyday details of my life on-line and I just couldn’t get with it (call me “Grandpa Pook”).

But Mr. Hembling, you of all people complaining about this when you yourself immediately posted videos after being harassed and having posters you were posting torn down? You not only posted videos and spoke to journalists and bloggers immediately afterwards about the attack, you ACTUALLY TOOK OUT A CAMERA AND FILMED THE INCIDENT WHILE IT WAS HAPPENING.


I’m sorry Mr. Hembling, but in your race to cast hate and aspersions on a feminist, you have inadvertently inserted your hypocritical foot into your feminist-hating mouth.

All I can say to this now is;

Seriously Jon?



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3 thoughts on ““Bash a Bitch” Queens U. attack & Hypocrisy with a capital “H”

  1. With the exception of self-defense cases, the rhetoric of the MRM should consider adopting ought to be “Shouldn’t people, regardless of gender/sex, refrain from beating anyone?” instead of “Why can’t guys get away with hitting girls the same way girls can get away with hitting guys?”

    When I hear the latter coming from anyone’s mouth, I have to wonder.

    • I don’t mind the question as it has interesting sociological implications. However, in my experience MRAs will frequently ask this question in an attempt (be it intended or not) to hijack a conversation/ issue.

      In that regard yes; their asking it is inappropriate.

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