Cliven Bundy on the BLACK problem: Translation Found

Thank GOD W.F. Price gallantly offered to act as Cliven Bundy’s translator for those poor liberals out there who went all aflutter at good ol’ boy Cliven’s mention of the word NEGRO because clearly everyone’s problem is Cliven’s use of “archaic English” (1950s is archaic?) and it has nothing to actually do with the content and context of his words given his actions and political views! *Whew* I’m glad he cleared that up!clive

Alas, however, Price’s offer of an explanation and translation of Cliven’s language fails on three levels:

1: It presupposes that Cliven has existed in some sort of mysterious vacuum outside of normal time and space where he missed the changes of the last half a century that led to people finally waking up and accepting that certain terms and phrases are unacceptable because they’ve been used to promote bigotry and discrimination.

The problem with this explanation is that bigotry by its very definition is founded in ignorance. So, no, ignorance, while it may offer an explanation, is not an excuse. As someone who has experienced the well-meaning bigotry that comes from ignorance (“You’re a Jew? You’re so lucky! I wish I could keep track of my money like you people do!”) I can tell you firsthand that bigotry comes in many forms and while simple ignorance may be milder than flat out hatred it is still, in fact, bigotry.

2: It presupposes that if you just re-word something it makes it okay. Technically, this can be quite true. The only problem is that CLIVEN BUNDY DIDN’T REWORD IT. PRICE DID. So Price offering an “I know my buddy sounds racist but this is what he really meant!” explanation doesn’t mean jack shit in this situation.

3: All of this uproar is because Cliven Bundy made some racist statements. Those of us who make up “Liberal America” (it sounds like Price is using the GOP definition of “Liberal” which means “Everyone who doesn’t think like us”) are accustomed to men like Cliven Bundy old-manning their way through situations and putting their foot in their mouth. It’s really not all that newsworthy or worth getting upset about. I’m well on my way to being one of those old men who can’t keep up with the times (although admittedly, I’ve kept up enough that, at Bundy’s age, I’ll at least be able to manage using a version of English that was still around when I was 50 unlike Cliven who is still stuck in his teens).

So no, we don’t really care that some 80 year old rancher is going about saying stupid things about black America. Sure, everyone is commenting on it but that’s because it’s the easiest, low-hanging fruit in this whole slow motion train wreck that is the Cliven Bundy show brought to you courtesy of the; “We hate the Federal Government more than a hemorrhoids flare-up” portion of the American population.

Which brings me to where I offer to do a “translation” of all the commentary coming from liberal (ie; “Doesn’t think like you”) America:

Not-You-America hears “Cliven Bundy used the word negro and said blacks would be better off as slaves!”

Sensible-Speak (what we’r saying) “This guy Cliven Bundy lied about a whole slew of things, misrepresented his situation, is stealing what everyone else has to pay for, has caused a ruckus in his community by inviting a bunch of armed degenerates into the area, AND ALL THESE IDIOTS ON THE RIGHT ARE FALLING FOR IT! But none of them want to pay attention to or acknowledge these facts so we’ll just laugh about what a backward, racist ass-hat he is!”

That’s what the rest of sane America is amazed by. That you people, despite an avalanche of facts that say otherwise, are still gamely trying to tout Bundy as some sort of hero of the people when he clearly is anything but that.

So yes, people are offended by his statements but if it wasn’t for everything else surrounding this story no one would really care.

Price then proceeds to offer a generous helping of argument from ignorance along with a doubling down on the race issue by giving a glimpse of his own racist tendencies;

“There’s nothing any more racist about Cliven Bundy than your typical New York SWPL who goes through all sorts of contortions to keep his spoiled progeny out of a “bad school.””

Showing that he has absolutely no understanding of why a bad school in NYC is a bad school and parents avoid them (hint; it has to do with the quality of education your child gets at an underfunded school, not because of ALL THOSE DEM DERE DARKIES DOIN’ HIP HOP BATTLES IN THE HALLWAYS!).

And finally Price takes a passing swipe at those who point out Cliven Bundy’s blatant theft with this incredibly weak argument;

“Finally, there’s a lot of stupidity in the widespread condemnation of Bundy by urban liberals. They say he’s “stealing from the government” and taking advantage of taxpayers. Anyone who lives in the inland West knows this is BS. The federal government owns most of the land in this region, and most of it is worthless for most purposes. People like Bundy are actually making it profitable, creating wealth out of what would otherwise be a wasteland. The government and taxpayers benefit from these ranchers.”

Based on what W.F. Price just said I can take anyone’s property if I can show some form of justification that I can make better use of it than they did.

He just offered a statement that is a total summation of the principle behind the enactment of eminent domain which is the justification government uses for seizing property from landowners.  I can justify a better use for it therefore I have the right to take it. Where I come from we call that theft.

That guy on Youtube who has a human skull as part of his background set; Hey Aurini! Give me that skull you got behind you! You don’t want to give it away? Tough shit, I have a better use for it and I have a bigger gun (naw jk, go ahead and keep your skull Aurini, if I feel like doing some Hamlet I can get a skull elsewhere).

But if you don’t agree with my point then you’re essentially saying that theft is fine as long as the federal government isn’t doing it which is the kind of thinking I’d expect from someone who has no problem with enslaving others (and this does seem to be Cliven’s view on things).

As to Price’s wistful ponderings on what Cliven Bundy thinks about blacks and slavery?

Bundy refuses to recognize the Federal Government’s existence which suggests his politics are still stuck in the pre-reconstruction mindset of the old South and all that entails.

We’re talking about a man who is willing to lie about when his family came into possession of his land so that he can justify his theft which he clearly feels he has a welfare-esque right to.  We’re talking about a man who has no problem not just antagonizing his neighbors who do pay their grazing rights fees but also has no problem inviting a bunch of armed yahoos to show up and strike fear into the local community.

A bunch of yahoos made up of a group of individuals who cheerfully admit to not just being terrorists but terrorists that use the exact same tactics as Al Nusra and Hamas when it comes to using women and children as shields; something that most of us in this country consider repugnant, immoral behavior ( I guess when those A-rabs use women and children as shields it’s repugnant and immoral but when white Americans do it it’s patriotic).

We’re talking about a man who has such a massive false sense of entitlement that he feels that when he gets a handout it’s his god given right but when others get a handout its wrong.

So no, I see absolutely no reason to give him the benefit of the doubt on the issue of his views about slavery considering his highly questionable ethics and no I’m not going to take your word that Cliven Bundy is the great emancipator of Black America that you make him out be.



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