A Brief Reflection on the “Nice Guy Myth”

I’d like to take this moment while we’re all thinking about “Nice Guy” Eliott Rodger and his revenge-killing spree against women (for the crime of not being his fuck-toys) to flashback to this once popular video that tapped into the; “Nice Guy myth”. A video that catapulted a Youtube content provider to stardom (or what passes for stardom in the online activism community).


Take special note of the underbar where the video maker wistfully asks;



Perhaps “feminists” find “nice” guys “unfuckable” because their brains are letting them know they aren’t really nice guys at all but sociopaths with anger and resentment issues.

Considering the video has hundreds of thousands of views and was well received by the MRM community?

nice guy

I’m thinking it may be time to apply some critical thinking to the concept of “The Nice Guy” and put an end to this socially damaging concept once and for all.

After all, it’s all in the brain, dotcha know?

more to come.


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