Open Carry Misses the Target Again

Courtney Caldwell of received an Open Carry 12 gauge shotgun double-aught buckshit blog response to her recent piece titled;Machine Gun Misogynists: How Open Carry Texas Tried To Silence Me .”

So far in my experience I’ve had no exchanges with Open Carry activists that haven’t ended with them exposing their lack of understanding of logic and poor reasoning ability. But hope springs eternal! So let’s take a look at this response by blogger Robert Farago.

bad thinking ahead

“From a distance, they almost looked like Confederate flags. I live in Texas, so this was disappointing, but fairly unsurprising.” The lead for Machine Gun Misogynists: How Open Carry Texas Tried To Silence Me leaves the impression that Ms. Caldwell wishes the Open Carry flags she spied from a distance wereConfederate Flags. Ms. Caldwell’s misplaced disappointment indicates that she considers Texans racist. By extension, despite the fact of the matter, the Open Carry advocates are racists, too. So, basically, she’s off to a flying start, ad hominem wise . . .

Wow, what a massive non-sequitur! You do realize you can’t just make assumptions about what someone is thinking and scream; “AD HOMINEM!” The ad hominem is determined according to what the speaker says, not what you THINK they’re saying.

I can present three other reasons off the cuff for why a group of activists carrying confederate flags might cause dismay in passerby, the foremost being most people would have a problem with people proudly carrying around a symbol that when it comes right down to it?

It is a symbol that represents the treasonous actions and desires of a portion of the population. When I last checked, people who openly brandish symbols of violent insurrection make some people really nervous or what exactly do you think; “THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN” means, that they’re going to take to the streets and begin to aggressively hand out kittens to passerby?

So contrary to what you think a dislike of the confederate flag does not automatically equal someone saying; “YOU’RE A RACIST!” defines “rampant” as something that is “growing quickly and in a way that is difficult to control.” As someone who’s been living in the liberal heart of Texas (Austin) for a year I see no evidence that conservatism is growing. But it is here. Conservatism in Texas I mean. No surprise there. Texas is a conservative state.

Ms. Caldwell’s improper use of the word rampant highlights the sense of anger and (dare I say it) paranoia established by her lead.

I’m not clear on how your living in liberal Austin for the past year has made you an expert on what’s happening in the rest of the state. All you’ve really done is set the stage for your fallacious attempt to appeal to motive and poison of the well.

The term “gun-obsession” seals the deal. The average Texan isn’t gun obsessed. They’re gun aware. Gun tolerant. Gun equipped. By damning the Lone Star State’s firearms-friendly folk as “disgusting” Caldwell leaves no doubt that she’s got severe gun-related issues.

Please show me exactly where Ms. Caldwell said; “The average Texan is gun obsessed” because all I’m seeing here is a strawman on your part designed to lead the way into your red herring argumentation on “severe gun-related issues”.

“I felt helpless and extremely anxious,” she admits. There you go: hoplophobia. Courtney Caldwell has irrational fear of guns. This is hardly the first time we’ve encountered the condition.

This is the problem with the Open Carry activists. Anyone who can say that a person feeling helpless and anxious when they are suddenly faced with an unfamiliar armed-to-the-teeth group of people means they have hoplophobia?

That person clearly lives in an absolute fantasy world when it comes to guns and America, a country where gun violence is epidemic. It is so epidemic that one would have to be a complete fool to NOT feel anxiety when suddenly confronted with armed strangers.

We’re dealing with a group of people who have such a vague grasp on reality that they actually think the NRA is under the devious influence of some sort of “liberal plot” to take away their guns.


Right! I’ve had my fill of Pabst beer swilling-armchair diagnosis for the day. The rest of Robert’s blog post is a total loss.

Poisoning the well, strawmen, appeal to motive, ad hominem attack under the guise of concern trolling about Ms. Caldwell’s mental state and a whole slew of other examples of poor reasoning and shoddy logic skills.  My advice is that Mr. Farago takes his blog post out back and put a few rounds into the back of its head Old Yeller style.

Then take the kids out to Chuck E. Cheese and tell them his writing has moved on to a better place.

But all of this brings me back to our main problem:

Why should people NOT be concerned about a group of people who are clearly irrational and unable to properly use reason wanting to go about heavily armed at all times?

That seems like a logical concern to me.

What about you?

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