Men’s Rights Movement Matriarchy Theory?

Men’s Rights Activist AVFM co-founder Dean Esmay denied that he made the claim that women have all the privilege and men have none. He even went so far as to accuse me of lying when I pointed out that he’d just said this.
dean demand

Here is his claim in his own words for his own edifice. A claim he made in the very exchange where we were arguing in so I’m amazed he doesn’t seem to realize he said it.

Dean wrong

I’d ask him to retract his accusation where he flat out calls me a liar but so far I’ve yet to experience such a level of journalistic integrity or professional courtesy from the writers of the Men’s Rights Movement, so I’m not about to hold my breath waiting for an apology. 

The point of all this? if you don’t want people to think you support matriarchy Theory, stop saying things that make it sound like you support Matriarchy Theory. 

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*correction* Dean Esmay has requested that I include a statement  informing all that he is not the co-founder of AVFM but only the present editor. As i am committed to journalistic integrity I’ve posted the correction here in the blog post.