Freedom From Atheism Foundation Doubles Down

The following blog is being posted to serve the purpose of providing a link to a private email exchange I had with one of the people behind the anonymous Freedom Freedom From Atheism Foundation.

Normally I don’t not post a private PM exchange like this, but when a person or group practices such a degree of deception and spreads lies about me (linked here) in such a malicious and deliberate fashion then they have forfeited the right to the normal considerations I give to all when it comes to private mail exchanges.

If not contacting a source to the FFAF is a; “red flag” then one must wonder what sort of flag is raised when the FFAF has a conversation with a source and then in spite of the information given they (the FFAF) lie and make up whatever fits their present agenda?

ffaf expense1

I will offer an apology to the Sam Harris fans here;

At the time I sensed that the response from the Harris fans to a video I did was heading in that over-the-top direction one often experiences on the internet. But in the end, the response from them was no different then any typical Youtube comments exchange that one gets on most videos. So my sincerest apologies to the Sam Harris fans that I characterized as “fanatical” in this email. some might say it isn’t necessary to apologize for something publicly that was intended as a private exchange but as I’m the one making the pm public I felt it was warranted.

FFAF2 storifyjpg

Video response connected to above post. 


which is now


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