Milo Yiannopoulos vs Businessweek on Anita Sarkeesian

I had an argument over a piece by Milo Yiannopoulos of BreitBart news over his response to a businessweek article about Anita Sarkeesian.

I really can’t stand irresponsible journalists who try to wrap themselves in the cloak of journalistic integrity while they attack other journalists so I went into detail explaining why his response was really an example of yellow journalism at its near worst.

My one complaint about the original piece by Sheelah Kolhatkar is that the title of the piece doesn’t really match the cotnent of the piece. I really wish that journalists would stop doing click bait headlines; I suspect that’s really all that Milo was responding to here.

So i’m posting a copy of the two facebook posts for those who want to reference them and engage in further discussion and debate on the topic.


I may have gotten the paragraph numbering wrong. his piece is the TLDR version of the “fallacy of many words” which makes it a bit tricky to keep track of that sort of thing.


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