Zimmerman Apologists Butthurt and Still In Denial

The following is a response to a comment by a George Zimmerman apologist I received in a thread from a person on the subject of George Zimmerman located here.

The original article reports on George Zimmerman’s recent claims to poverty and homelessness.  For those who have been living under a rock George Zimmerman pursued and shot to death a young black youth by the name of Trayvon Martin.  He was acquitted under Florida’s questionable “Stand Your Ground” laws.

I had attempted to explain to one of the offended Zimmerman fans some basic concepts of law; specifically the difference between “Not Guilty” and “Innocent” in response to some highly dubious claims he made about Zimmerman being; “wrongfully prosecuted” (those comments can be found here).

His response devolved into a position of butthurt that has me concerned that I may receive a subpoena to appear in court and defend myself against a Civil Suit.

I'm sure this lawyer will take his case.

I’m sure this lawyer will take his case.

He responded with this comment;

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Simplistic Libertarianism

I interact with quite a few libertarians of all types on the internet and one of the claims I hear frequently made by some of them is that; “only the federal government can use the force that is intrinsic to Statism. The states are incapable of being a “State” because the federal government is the ultimate power in the United States that has a monopoly on all the force in America.

I’ve taken to calling this; Simplistic libertarianism” because it doesn’t take into consideration the complexity of how a society works, especially one as large as American society. It doesn’t take into account the social contract that exists between the people and the body of law that is the expression of that social contract.

The simplistic libertarian claims to focus on who has the greatest monopoly on force but even in this his view is two dimensional and they’re incredibly selective in how they pick who in fact has that monopoly. If you look at the United States government versus it’s citizenry in terms of who would wipe the other out if the two engaged in all out warfare clearly the United States would be the victor in that contest.

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Freethought Blogs & A+ Atheist-Humanists

I got into a discussion with Richard Carrier in his comments section on a blog he posted on FTB on the issue of the new attempt at creating a group known as; “A+”.

“A+” people would be atheists who are also humanists. The impetus for creating this group came from a perceived problem in the Atheist/ Skeptic community where many of those professing to be skeptics were not being very skeptical.

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