Why Can’t Thunderf00t Be More Like Indiana Jones?

In the spirit of the new topic Thunderf00t recently put forward in his video (specifically the underbar description) which I shall dub;

“Why can’t more women be like that hottie Ana Kasperian of The Young Turks”

Thunderf00t; “Hubba hubba!”

I’ve decided to have a bit of fun and turn the tables on Thunderf00t and ask him;

Why can’t Thunderf00t be more like Indiana Jones?

Indiana Jones > thunderf00t

Indiana Jones > thunderf00t

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BREAKING: Richard Dawkins Boycotts Himself – Others Follow!

In a daring move Richard Dawkins tweeted out a call to arms that his fans;

“Boycott websites that deliberately wind up false controversy in order to generate advertising revenue.”

When asked for further clarification Mr. Dawkins replied;

“I feel so strongly about this issue that out of respect for the feelings of Bill O’Reilly and the rest of the gang at Fox News I’m going to start by boycotting my own sites, both RichardDawkins.net and RichardDawkins.org.”

Fox News expressed optimism and support at Mr. Dawkin’s actions and called it;

“A step in the right direction.”

When asked to comment Pundit Bill O’Reilly said;

“I’m so impressed with Richard’s decision to boycott himself that I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and boycott myself as well.”

What followed was an avalanche of pundits, writers, vloggers and bloggers across the internet boycotting their own material in what is becoming known as the “Boycott + Movement” or “B+ Movement” for short.

P.Z. Myers quipped that while he doesn’t think he’d be boycotting his own blog anytime soon he does plan to start boycotting his personal correspondence right away.

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Freethought Blogs & A+ Atheist-Humanists

I got into a discussion with Richard Carrier in his comments section on a blog he posted on FTB on the issue of the new attempt at creating a group known as; “A+”.

“A+” people would be atheists who are also humanists. The impetus for creating this group came from a perceived problem in the Atheist/ Skeptic community where many of those professing to be skeptics were not being very skeptical.

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