Mr. Boykin: A Man Whose Words Have No Relation to the Truth Whatsoever

re; Mr. Boykin of Kingdom Warriors;

I’m writing about Mr. Boykin’s recent comments on Jews “not understanding Hitler” –  said as part of his attempt to gain Jewish support for the Republican Party.

I was raised a conservadox Jew.

One of my hobbies (out of a need to understand evil, I think) has been the study of the politics surrounding WWII, especially that of Germany and Hitler’s Nazi party.

You, Mr. Boykin, have shown that you are absolutely ignorant of the politics and history of that period. I am left wondering, sir, if you are an idiot or a liar.

I demand an apology for your insulting remarks.

I assure you, I know exactly what Hitler and his politics were and I know exactly what the politics of the Republican Party are.

Based on your words you can now safely assume that I and others like me will vote for anyone who is not Mitt Romney.

If you feel I am wrong you are welcome to engage me in a verbal debate, in a formal setting of your choice, on the politics of Germany leading up to and during WWII.

I’m sure you would give me no challenge whatsoever.

I am forwarding a copy of this to the Mitt Romney Campaign as well as posting it on my blog so you will all know that, unlike the world of Mitt Romney or Mr. William Boykin, I live in a world consisting of good, honest, hard working Americans whose actions do have consequences and we do expect people to be held accountable for the words they say, especially the lies.


Please also note that in no way is any of this a threat.

I feel it is necessary to postscript all correspondence to Republicans in this way now as it is my understanding that it is becoming Republican standard operating procedure to accuse anyone who speaks out against you of threatening harm against you and have them arrested and jailed to silence them (just like Hitler had communists arrested after the Reichtag fire in 1933 to silence them).

So no, this is a peaceful demand and for purposes of Republican threats of incarceration of those who use free speech by accusing them of planned violence and terrorism you may consider me a pacifist.

Rev. P. Rose