A Classic Example of Use of the Fallacy of Division

I decided to post this here because it contains arguments from a commenter from TheFunnyFeminist’s blog about Rush Limbaugh’s verbal attack of Sandra Fluke. It was such a classic example of some amazing use of fallacy that I wanted to keep it close for posterity’s sake.The comments in question were done on January 10th, 2013 by commenter Pheonixjeff and are fairly representative of the kind of noise you get from commenters around the internet.

The following are excerpts from our comments on TheFunnyFeminist’s blog:

Me: Pheonixjeff is pulling a tu quoque fallacy here (in part). The rest;

A. The attack was made against women. Not white women, much as some would like to portray it.

B. Just because others suffer apparently worse discrimination doesn’t mean you can’t comment on an inequality or discriminatory act.

In that case let’s stop discussing all rights issues in America because the Iraqi citizens have had it so badly due to the last ten years of war inflicted on them, shall we? That certainly outweighs any Western suffering!

See how invalid my statement was?  Pheonixjeff is doing the same.

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