not so FringeElements

I thought it would be useful to post this response as a blog post as an object lesson for all.


My response;

You have in the past equivocated “Jew” as a “race” (as you tacitly acknowledge here).

Putting aside the question of taxonomical significance my problem has always been that you and yours attempt to conflate fuzzy sets into distinct sets.  You then toss down a proverbial genetic gauntlet using rhetoric and then wait for your audience to pick it up and make assumptions about others en masse based on unreliable visual observation.

I would also suggest in the future that perhaps you should get the appropriate training in genetics lest you continue to be incorrect when you speak extemporaneously (which you also acknowledge you do), which appears to be the standard style of your videos (speaking extemporaneously).

That way you can actually speak extemporaneously and not make easily falsifiable assertions, because education and training is what gives people the ability to speak in such a manner and not make continual errors as you do.

But let’s be clear here;

You are not a scientist.  You are not a geneticist.  You are a reasonably bright young adult that by your own admission at most has a high school diploma/ GED who also has had minimal exposure to other cultures.

Browsing the internet for articles and publications that you feel back up your claims does not make you anything but an activist for the existence of race.

And the only reason a non-scientist would continue to obsessively post material as you have done on the subject is because you seek to bring about social change that will fulfill your political goals.

That is why you raise strawmen by accusing your opponents (including myself) of being egalitarians, statists, and other similar labels.

It is because you toss science casually down and then set up your bully pulpit on the ground it covers and speak to your audience using every trick in the activist’s book you can dig up.

So your “case” for hereditarianism is merely the musings of an internet-educated small town activist who has never moved beyond the genre of posting videos.

And you can cease to be amazed as this is not a debate.  This is me teaching you; period.  Whether the lesson takes hold is up to you.

But I’ll tell you what.  Submit your video/s to a peer reviewed journal, submit them to even a single published, respected scientist and get a response from them where they are clearly treating your work as one colleague would treat another?

And then the balance of power in what little relationship we have will be ready to change.