It Must Suck to Be So Busted

Every now and again I get some bigot who thinks they’re clever.  In my experience bigots are never clever; they’re idiocy is boringly predictable.  One of the classic tricks these giants of mediocrity do is to post a comment on a video of mine and then immediately remove it.

removed comment by bigot

The idea is that the bigoted  idiot is gleefully chortling because he got to say something bigoted and hurtful but suffer no consequences because the comment will go to the gmail connected to the account where it can’t be flagged or reported like it can be in a YouTube comments section.  It’s classic internet bullying behavior.  There’s only two problems with someone using this tactic with me;

1:  Because you’re an anonymous internet moron nothing you could ever say would ever hurt me.  It will barely register as more than a blip on my consciousness and be dismissed as part of the sub-par stupidity that is the majority of the background noise of this world.

2:  You’re a dumbass for underestimating me because I can always find a way to not only expose bigoted douchebags but also turn the tables on them and profit by their dumbassery; all for the good of humanity.  I take great pleasure in kicking over the rocks bigots live under and then pinning them down before they can scurry away.  Then the whole world gets to point at them and mock them for the utter failures they are.

Today’s failure is user thomaserossi.  A youtube channel/ content creator and presumably an MRA (he seems to do this thing on videos that are critical of MRA activism) who was offended by the video I did on GirlWritesWhat and AVFM (read more into that on your own dime, not mine).

Thomaserossi  gleefully reveled in his hatred of gay people by posting the following comment in his attempt to attack me.

Comment by MRA on my GWW AVFM video

So ladies and gentleman; I give you thomaserossi.  A bigot who thinks accusing people of being gay is a huge insult!  I invite you to go say some kind words to him and thank him for being the anti-gay asshat he is.

Thomas,  since there’s nothing wrong with being gay I’d rather be a proud faggot than a pathetic bigoted loser like you any day of the week.

postscript edit;  My wife added; “I guess not only is he a bigot but he’s too stupid to have ever heard of vintage or retro.”

This had me LMAO. 😀

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Where there’s Smoke there might be… the Tea Party

I’m still not quite clear on how it’s wrong to focus greater scrutiny on a political action group that bases their ideology on;  “taxes are theft”, “the federal government can’t be trusted” and “we can pursue our agenda by threatening violence, lying and misrepresenting the truth”.

That would be like smoke accusing you of unfairly targeting it with an investigation to see if it’s in possession of fire.

“Evil Far-Left Liberal Plot” or just; “That’s How Set Theory & Inference Works”?

Snopes has debunked the claim going around about Pope Francis saying that; “Women are naturally unfit for political office.”

A writer on Forus Peru made the claim that the immediate acceptance by many that Pope Francis did make this statement is part of some sort of “liberal far-left plot.”

While I sympathize with the blogger’s disgust at the ease that people will accept any claim put forward on facebook (I mean COME ON. It’s FACEBOOK) I’d point out there’s a much simpler and less sinister cause of the immediate, unconfirmed acceptance of this quote by tens of thousands of outraged people.

It’s fairly common when people hear one verified statement that is evil and morally repugnant (the new Pope’s stance on homosexuality for example) that they will then believe that person made other statements that are from a familiar, well defined set connected to that belief system.

Considering anti-homosexual and anti-woman beliefs are two common dialogues that tend to be revisited over and over from the camp known as the Religious Right  in America it is less a “far-left liberal plot” and more just an expectation of “same shit, different day” that led to the immediate acceptance of this unconfirmed and non-existent quote.

Why Can’t Thunderf00t Be More Like Indiana Jones?

In the spirit of the new topic Thunderf00t recently put forward in his video (specifically the underbar description) which I shall dub;

“Why can’t more women be like that hottie Ana Kasperian of The Young Turks”

Thunderf00t; “Hubba hubba!”

I’ve decided to have a bit of fun and turn the tables on Thunderf00t and ask him;

Why can’t Thunderf00t be more like Indiana Jones?

Indiana Jones > thunderf00t

Indiana Jones > thunderf00t

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Racist Self Pwnage

Every now and again the Champions of Stupid go that extra mile and do some really creative, impressive self pwnage in their attempts to justify their bigotry.

The following was taken from the comments section of my video; “White Genocide Debunked” and consists of an argument presented by a racist who is attempting to prove that Jews are actually black. The commenter is attempting to do this by examining Judaic lineage according to the Torah and marriages with what the commenter has  designated “black tribes”.


I’m going to take a moment to let the full impact of the level of racist fail this commenter has created for a Christian who is a racist.

A moment of silence that is pregnant with the swelling of dismay that grows in the mind of a racist Christian as he realizes that  according to this bit of logic presented by this “race warrior”?

That he has just set up the catch-22 that either Jesus is descended of the line of David and thus a black man or he is not descended of the line of David and is therefore a false Prophet who should be scorned and dismissed.

(Enjoys the moment).

Now that  the moment of silence and reflection on the level of Racist-Fail has passed I can now respond with the additional comment of;




Please, racists. Stop giving me these gems. I can only laugh so much before I suffer irreparable damage to my funny bone!

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A Classic Example of Use of the Fallacy of Division

I decided to post this here because it contains arguments from a commenter from TheFunnyFeminist’s blog about Rush Limbaugh’s verbal attack of Sandra Fluke. It was such a classic example of some amazing use of fallacy that I wanted to keep it close for posterity’s sake.The comments in question were done on January 10th, 2013 by commenter Pheonixjeff and are fairly representative of the kind of noise you get from commenters around the internet.

The following are excerpts from our comments on TheFunnyFeminist’s blog:

Me: Pheonixjeff is pulling a tu quoque fallacy here (in part). The rest;

A. The attack was made against women. Not white women, much as some would like to portray it.

B. Just because others suffer apparently worse discrimination doesn’t mean you can’t comment on an inequality or discriminatory act.

In that case let’s stop discussing all rights issues in America because the Iraqi citizens have had it so badly due to the last ten years of war inflicted on them, shall we? That certainly outweighs any Western suffering!

See how invalid my statement was?  Pheonixjeff is doing the same.

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